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The world's largest mobile harbour crane moves into Port Esbjerg

Port Esbjerg is upgrading its equipment and has purchased an LHM 800 mobile Liebherr crane. The new crane is the world's largest mobile harbour crane and can lift more than 300 tonnes. There are only 12 of its kind worldwide.

“We handle a growing volume of large cargos, which demands an increase in crane capacity,” explains Dennis Jul Pedersen, CEO at Port Esbjerg.

In just four years, the number of operations for which the port’s cranes are deployed has grown by 66 per cent. The new crane weighs almost 800 tonnes, is 48 metres tall, has a boom length of 66 metres and can lift 308 tonnes.

The crane will arrive at Port Esbjerg in August. Port Esbjerg already commands Scandinavia’s largest collection of Liebherr cranes, to which this new member is now being added.

The Liebherr crane weighs almost 800 tonnes, is 48 metres tall, has a boomlength of 66 metres and can lift 308 tonnes.

Esbjerg branch of SH Group in new collaboration with Italian crane manufacturer

SH Group and the Italian crane manufacturer Sormec have signed an exclusive service and agency agreement. The agreement makes SH Group - which has a branch at Trafikhavnskaj 7 at Port Esbjerg - Sormec’s exclusive service partner and spare parts supplier as its agent for the sale and marketing of Sormec in the Scandinavian countries.

One of the key aspects of the cooperation is the renovation of the Tyra field, for which Sormec will deliver seven specially built offshore cranes.

Bjørn Joensen, General Manager at SH Group’s branch in Esbjerg, is very pleased with the new agreement.

“We’re happy and proud to be part of this collaboration. We believe that the best way to service valuable equipment is to leverage the manufacturer's knowledge of the product. By joining forces with Sormec, we have the best conditions to keep response times to a minimum and to handle any service task that may arise,” he says.

SH Group and Sormec have signed an exclusive service and agency agreement.


New DFDS vessel on the Esbjerg-Immingham route

DFDS’ RoRo vessel, Ark Germania, has been in dry dock for maintenance at the Lindø shipyard in Odense. DFDS’ ships are dry-docked around every five years. Ark Germania was at the shipyard from 23 March to 6 April, among other things to get its propellers serviced and its hull painted. On 8 April, Ark Germania returned to Librakaj at Port Esbjerg, where it will replace Ark Dania on DFDS’ regular service between Esbjerg and Immingham.

See the pictures in the gallery below.

Ark Germania now sails on DFDS’ regular route between Esbjerg and Immingham.
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