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Port expansion with new multi-terminal is on schedule

Port Esbjerg is pulling out all the stops to complete the new multi-terminal in its East Port. The project is slated for completion at the end of November and so far it is progressing on schedule.

“We are half-way done removing the gravel to grade the sand below, and we have started making a drainage system. We have just received 27,000 tonnes of crushed granite to be used as stable gravel under the pavement layer,” explains Rasmus Ager, civil engineer at Port Esbjerg.

The new terminal will be paved with concrete flagstones, and drainage needs to be installed, fencing put up and gates installed. The multi-terminal will cover an area of 40,000 square metres and meet the increased demand for space for storage and shipment of, for example, cars, project cargo and wind turbine components.

The expansion of Port Esbjerg with a new multiterminal in the east side of the harbor is on schedule.

Port Esbjerg goes electric

The port of Esbjerg has the ambition to use only electric vehicles at the port in the long term. The port currently has eight electric vehicles in its fleet which consists of 25 vehicles in total.  And the proportion of electric vehicles is growing.

Even though the transition to using electric vehicles exclusively is still ongoing, the eight electric vehicles are used nearly as much as the remaining 17 vehicles. This means that just under half of the mileage at the port is performed by vehicles running on sustainable fuel.  

The first electric vehicles were purchased in 2012, and since then, the port has replaced the old diesel and petrol vehicles with electric equivalents as and when necessary. At the moment, the port’s electric vehicles are all the size of passenger cars or small vans. In the longer term, the goal is that the port’s entire fleet will consist of electric vehicles.

The energy for the electric vehicles comes from the wind farms of Horns Rev.

No less than 3,000 people turned up to welcome the world’s largest crane at the port of Esbjerg  

The locals came out in force to the Open Port event at the port of Esbjerg on Friday 30 August. One of the main attractions of the day was the port’s new crane, Liebherr LHM 800, which is the largest mobile harbour crane in the world.

“I hope that all of you working at the port will have lots of fun getting to know your new, giant colleague,” said Jesper Frost Rasmussen (Liberals), Mayor of the Municipality of Esbjerg, before he cut a thick iron chain, inaugurating the new mastodon which is one out of only twelve of its kind in the world.

The 3,000 people who turned up for the event had the opportunity to inspect the new acquisition at close quarters and experience an exhibition of the port’s cranes, trucks and other machinery. During the day, the guests were also invited to enjoy free grilled sausages from the local Theilgaard butcher

Watch a summary of the Open Port event here.


Among other things, the guests at the Open Port event the 30th of august could experience an exhibition with the harbours’ cranes, trucks and machinery.
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