The Port of Esbjerg explores the possibility of expanding with 975.000 m2 towards 2030

The Port of Esbjerg expects increased activity towards 2030, both within existing and new business areas. Within the next few years, the expectation is that the port’s areas and quay will be fully utilized. Therefore, the Port of Esbjerg has initiated a process to clarify the expansion possibilities to enable the port and its customers to continue to generate growth and jobs.


Currently, the Port of Esbjerg has a historically high level of activity, and the prospect is that the port will continue the stable and profitable growth, which it has experienced during the past 10 years. However, more space is needed to realise the growth potential. To be able to meet future demand, the Port of Esbjerg needs to further expand with approximately 1 million m2 and 1 km of additional quay length from 2022 to 2030. This is clear from the analyses, which have been prepared for the Port of Esbjerg.

During the past 10 years, the Port of Esbjerg has been able to expand concurrently with the customers’ demand for more areas at the port. This must continue in the future.

”The Port of Esbjerg must offer an infrastructure that matches the needs of our customers in terms of quality, layout, and size. This is the prerequisite for ensuring continued growth and development for the benefit of both the companies at the port, the port itself, and the whole region. Otherwise, our customers will look elsewhere to conduct their business”, says Ole Ingrisch, director at the Port of Esbjerg, and continues:

”We anticipate growing demand for areas at the port. Therefore, we must prepare for the future and clarify the possibilities for continuing a stepwise expansion of the port. This will enable us to expand concurrently with the demand of our customers”.

The formal environmental impact assessment process, including public consultations, is expected to start in the early autumn.

For more information, please contact: Ole Ingrisch, Port Director, mobile +45 40 57 43 00.


Preliminary project area from the landward side

During 2017, the Port of Esbjerg will complete an expansion of an additional 250.000 m2. This expansion is included in the existing permissions. A coming environmental impact assessment process will clarify the possibilities of further expanding the port with up to 975.000 m2.


Preliminary project area from the seaward side

The preliminary project area of the port expansion lies in continuation of the existing East Port as well as the sea territory in front of it. The final project area will be decided in the coming environmental impact assessment process.

Facts about the Port of Esbjerg:

Port of Esbjerg’s current area: 4.5 million m2

Cargo turnover in 2016: 4.5 million tonnes

Number of ship calls in 2016: 6.626 ship calls

Number of passengers in 2016: 1,7 million persons

Turnover in 2016: 30.94 million EUR

Net profit in 2016: 10.68 million EUR

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