Port Esbjerg News Brief – March 2020

Welcome to the Port Esbjerg News Brief

In mid-March, the thirteen climate partnerships set up by the Danish government will submit their recommendations. Port Esbjerg is involved in the maritime partnership, and I have no doubt that the recommendations from the climate partnerships will constitute a significant contribution to the Danish climate initiatives. In fact, collaboration and strong partnerships are crucial to accelerate climate-friendly and sustainable development in an intelligent and appropriate manner.   

That is illustrated by the collaboration on sustainability which Port Esbjerg initiated in the autumn with nine other Nordic ports. We really appreciate the collaboration which is already bearing fruit. Exchanging experiences and best practice help all ten ports to expedite the sustainable transition. At Port Esbjerg, we have, for example, lots of green electricity, and we are now drawing on the experiences of our Nordic colleagues to better utilise this green electricity through onshore power plants. We are also working on other initiatives to bring electrification to the forefront of all the activities at the harbour.    

We are motivated by an ambition to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible and support the political objective of reducing CO2 emissions by 70 per cent by 2030. However, it is obviously also about strengthening the connection between a sustainable business model and competitiveness. Here at the harbour, we notice daily that our green profile generates interest and that interest will only increase going forward. We will shortly be disclosing a new and unique collaboration which will further accelerate our green initiatives. Sustainability provides great opportunities for Port Esbjerg.

Sustainability engages the entire city of Esbjerg, and in the newsletter, you can read about the ‘Shorewalk’ project. In April, thousands of school children, residents and companies will participate in a ten-kilometre walk along the harbourfront to create awareness about the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals and learn what they are all about. You can also read about our new waste separation bins that make for easy sorting and recycling more of the ships’ waste collected at the harbour. In addition, we bring an update on Brexit and the situation after the UK has left the EU, and you will also get an account of how fish meal and fish oil have become good business for two companies at the harbour.

We hope you will enjoy the read.

Dennis Jul Pedersen


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