New cranes make Port Esbjerg one of the most well-equipped ports in the world

Port Esbjerg has ordered two new Liebherr cranes, a LHM 600 and a LHM 800, and will soon have the capacity to make the heaviest lifts in western Europe. Soon, two ships may be loaded simultaneously with heavy wind turbine components, after Port Esbjerg recently ordered a second LHM 800 crane, the strongest of its kind in the world. 

616 tonnes.

That will be the lifting capacity at Port Esbjerg when the new LHM 800 harbour crane is delivered next summer.

Port Esbjerg will then have two of the gigantic LHM 800 cranes and will be able to carry out tandem lifts using a cable system. In a tandem lift, the two cranes are operated in synchronised mode. Incidentally, Liebherr developed the system based on their work at Port Esbjerg. A tandem lift is the safest lift.

“We’ve been out shopping, because our goal is to be a global leader. Components in the wind industry keep getting bigger and bigger, and we’ll get even busier at the port in the coming years. That means we’ll need the capacity to load two ships simultaneously, and we’ll be able to do that when we take delivery of the new cranes,” says Dennis Jul Pedersen, CEO of Port Esbjerg.

Esbjerg will be one of only three ports in the world able to offer tandem lifts with two LHM 800 cranes.

Components for offshore wind turbines in the North Sea are becoming ever larger and heavier. At the same time, companies in other industries at the port increasingly need to be able to handle heavy machine parts and production equipment. 

Port Esbjerg already handles large machine parts, serving the so-called breakbulk market. This is a growing market, and no other port in northern Europe has a similar crane capacity.

“Besides the LHM 800, we’ve also bought an LHM 600, because we’re expecting a bigger share of the lucrative breakbulk market. The two new cranes will truly make us stand out in the European market, and we’re very confident about the opportunities that our investments will open for us,” says Jul Pedersen.

The two new cranes will bring Port Esbjerg’s collection of Liebherr cranes to six, the largest collection of mobile Liebherr harbour cranes in northern Europe.

The LHM 800 has a lifting capacity 2,300 tonnes per hour and has a maximum lift of 308 tonnes - equal to 67 elephants.

LHM 800

  • The strongest harbour crane in the world

  • Weight: 742 tonnes

  • 144 wheels

  • Lifting capacity 2,300 tonnes per hour

  • Maximum lift: 308 tonnes (equal to 67 elephants)

  • Maximum lifting height: 54 metres

  • Height: 80 metres

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