New innovative partnership makes it easy for Port Esbjerg’s customers to pick climate-friendly routes

Port Esbjerg has established a new innovative partnership with global IT giant Atos as part of its efforts to become a carbon-neutral port. The partnership sets out to make it very simple for the port’s customers to pick the transport route with the smallest carbon footprint. A solution that will be unique in the world. 

Should the goods be carried by train, lorry and then by ship? Or by lorry, ship and then by lorry again? Or should the goods be carried by lorry, ship and then by train?

There are countless options for transporting goods through Europe’s vast route network. But which is the most climate-friendly route? When launching its plan to become a completely carbon-neutral port, Port Esbjerg found that there was no easy way to figure that out.

“It’s relatively easy to calculate the carbon footprint when you ship goods from A to B. But identifying the best option – in terms of both mode of transport and route – wasn’t so simple.  We aim to be a carbon-neutral port and therefore would also want to have an influence on the route network. That’s why we came up with the idea of developing a system that would provide customers with an overview of the most climate-friendly routes,” explains Port Esbjerg CEO Dennis Jul Petersen.

To this end, Invest in Denmark, the Danish national investment-promotion agency under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, reached out to global IT firm Atos, a global digital transformation leader. In this connection, the Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Jeppe Kofoed, stated that the Danish government is committed to reducing the carbon footprint by means of public-private partnerships:

“The collaboration between Atos and Port Esbjerg has the potential to make a huge difference to Esbjerg and contribute to creating additional green jobs in Denmark. I hope this constellation will be an inspiration to other ports in Europe.”

The idea first developed by Port Esbjerg is now becoming a reality, and the port’s customers will soon be able to proactively select the routes with the lowest carbon emissions.

“The simulator that we’re developing will help our customers make green decisions, and there’s nothing like that anywhere in the world. We’re very proud to have pitched an idea that some of the best in the world find interesting and want to help us develop. And Atos is the perfect partner,” explains Jul Pedersen.

   The new IT-solution will show that choosing freight trains in many instances will have a lower CO2-footprint

A multi-modal green solution

The solution currently being developed by Atos and Port Esbjerg is a multi-modal solution that will calculate the carbon footprint of individual routes and individual modes of transport – whether by sea, rail or road. The system also factors in the goods to be carried and will enable the individual customer to pursue proactive sustainability strategies by picking the route with the smallest carbon footprint.

Customers will be able to pick the routes with the smallest environmental impact while probably also achieving a financial gain by way of lower excise duties. It is expected that customers will enter relevant data into the system, such as departure location, final destination and type of goods, and will then be provided with an overview of the most optimal routes.

“We’re proud to be working with Port Esbjerg on a unique solution that can make the transport sector more sustainable. Port Esbjerg is a forward-looking business committed to green solutions, and we’re very much looking forward to working with our new partner,” says Claus Larsen, who heads Atos in Denmark. 

Atos has 105,000 employees worldwide and is represented in 71 countries. Its customer base includes the International Olympic Committee, the EU, Mitsubishi and many others.

Atos is a market leader in sustainable digital transformation and works with leading companies all over the world. 

“We’re committed to reducing carbon emissions, enhancing efficiency, lowering costs and driving innovation. We look forward to doing just that, collaborating with Port Esbjerg and all the companies operating out of the port,” says Larsen.

And Jul Pedersen adds:

“This is yet another step towards making Port Esbjerg more sustainable in collaboration with our customers. I’m very excited to be taking this step on the green ladder.”

About Invest in Denmark

Invest in Denmark, an agency under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, is a customised one-stop service for international companies looking to set up business or research activities in Denmark.

The agency advises companies on all aspects of setting up a business in Denmark.

Invest in Denmark provides customised solutions, which include connecting companies and important local contacts, organising fact-finding tours and supplying comprehensive benchmarking analyses.

Working with one of Europe’s premier talent pools, Invest in Denmark aims to attract foreign businesses to Denmark.

About Atos

IT giant with 105,000 employees in 71 countries. Digital transformation experts with annual revenue of EUR 11 billion. Advises all industries and is a pioneer in decarbonisation products and services. 



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