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Port Esbjerg and 155 actors demand political action to achieve fossil-free shipping by 2050

“We must act now to achieve the green transition of shipping.” This is the clear message from Port Esbjerg and 155 of the world’s largest actors from the entire maritime value chain that have come together to sign a declaration demanding political action and investments in research and in green energy and infrastructure with a view to making shipping fossil-free by 2050.  

The call to political action is coordinated by the Getting to Zero Coalition within the framework of the Global Maritime Forum, and it comes in advance of the crucial climate negotiations at COP26 in Glasgow in November. As part of the initiative, Port Esbjerg and the other signatories have prepared a catalogue of measures and objectives which the industry has already started to implement.

“Although great responsibility rests with the players of the industry, there’s a need for concrete plans and major government investments,” explains Port Esbjerg CEO Dennis Jul Pedersen and he continues:

“We’re proud to join forces with the largest players in the industry, suggesting solutions to drive the green transition of shipping. If we’re to succeed, it’s not enough that we set individual ambitious targets for the transition of our activities. We also need common goals and investments in infrastructure, if there’s to be a realistic prospect of a fossil-free future.”

As Europe’s largest originating port for components to the wind industry, the port of Esbjerg not only contributes as an important link in the green transition of the European energy sector, it also takes crucial steps towards greater sustainability in its own activities, and the target has been set for the port to be climate-neutral by 2030. This is one of the most ambitious goals included in the joint catalogue produced by the Getting to Zero Coalition. 

Click here to read the full catalogue of initiatives and targets as well as further information on the Getting to Zero Coalition.


Vehicles with shelving, LED lights and oil burners: new service at the port of Esbjerg

“In some cases, we’ve even fitted the car with an oil burner and a height-adjustable desk, almost providing the client with an office on wheels,” says Arne Storm Sørensen, Head of SAL’s Vehicle Processing Centre.

Scandinavian Auto Logistics (SAL) is located at the port of Esbjerg and following various trips of inspiration to other European ports, the company is now offering to convert and customise vehicles before they are forwarded on. This means that SAL’s clients may have their vans fitted with shelving or their passenger cars processed already before receiving them.

In the past, vehicles to be fitted with non-factory extras were transported on to external providers that customised and processed the vehicles. However, this service is now available at the port of Esbjerg. It is both cheaper and more efficient.

SAL is now also offering to process new passenger cars, for instance for rental or leasing.  

“We’re now offering to fit anything. In addition to supplying and fitting shelving, we can also add a tow bar, for example, fit LED lights in the interior roof or instal 220 volt,” explains Storm Sørensen. 

This initiative means that vehicles may now be delivered to the end-user direct from the port of Esbjerg. This is also good for the climate.

Normally, vehicles need to be transported between several destinations locally before they can be delivered to their end-users. Now that vehicles may be processed at the port of Esbjerg, there is a saving on transport and thereby also on CO2 emissions.

SAL is a leading provider of finished vehicle logistics services in the Nordics, acting as a logistics architect specialised in providing fully integrated logistics solutions for vehicles. In addition to its logistics solutions, SAL also provides a wide range of other services, including transport, delivery and storage of vehicles.

 SAL is now offering to convert and customise vehicles before they are forwarded on.


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