Port Esbjerg builds warehouse for the Viking Link project

Viking Link is expected to be completed by the end of the year. It will be an electricity interconnector between Denmark and England, the longest of its kind in the world, and it is a joint venture between Energinet and its British collaboration partner National Grid. The interconnector will ensure the transport of energy for up to 1.4 million households, so in case of an emergency, it is essential to have the right replacement components in stock. That is why Port Esbjerg is in full swing building a warehouse where Energinet will house spare components for the new electricity interconnector.

Cables are critical infrastructure, but the way things are at the moment, it can take many months, even years, to get a new cable delivered in the event of damage. Strategically located replacement components are therefore essential to the security of the supply.

This also applies to Viking Link, the 770-kilometre electricity interconnector between Revsing in southern Jutland and Bicher Fen in Lincolnshire, England. When completed, Viking Link will be able to supply up to 1.4 million households with energy, thereby making more efficient use of renewable energy, providing access to sustainable energy supplies and increasing the security of supply across the North Sea.

Energinet and National Grid own the Viking Link cable, and if something goes wrong, the fault will need to be identified and the cable repaired as soon as possible. Therefore, a 1,000-square metre warehouse is now being built close to the quayside at Esbjerg, which Energinet will rent to store spare parts.

Port Esbjerg in full swing building a warehouse where Energinet will house spare components for the new electricity interconnector.

“The cable itself comes ashore north of Esbjerg, and the vessels that transport the cables are large and require a lot of space. Therefore, it makes good logistical sense that our warehouse is located at Port Esbjerg, close to the quayside, so we can get to it easily,” explains Daniel Johan Brøndum, project manager on the cable for Viking Link.

“It’s absolutely essential that we have components in stock for our interconnector in case it needs to be repaired. And they need to be stored at strategically selected locations; close to the wind farms and in this case Viking Link. The faster the components can be delivered, the higher the security of supply,” says Jesper Bank, CCO of Port Esbjerg.

The construction of the warehouse is progressing as planned and Energinet will start operating at the premises this summer.

Energinet will start operating at the 1,000-square metre warehouse this summer. 
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