Port Esbjerg News Brief - April 2022

Dear Reader

By now, Port Esbjerg has been involved in the shipping of over 4,000 offshore wind turbines with a total capacity of approximately 22.5 GW. This is about ten times as much as there currently is in Danish waters. This is a huge figure and an important milestone that we are proud of. The figure also illustrates the development the port has undergone over the last several years and is a direct result of our strategy to be one of Europe’s leading ports in offshore wind power.

However, there is no time to rest on our laurels. Europe – along with the rest of the world – intends to accelerate the expansion of European offshore wind power. In its new offshore wind strategy, the European Parliament has set targets for the EU to reach 60 GW by 2030 and 300 GW by 2050. These are ambitious targets in themselves.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has terrible consequences for the Ukrainian people. However, it also has far-reaching consequences for the rest of Europe, whose energy supplies and infrastructure have come under pressure. Energy policy has become security policy. However, Europe has also proved decisive. The wish for a faster transition to renewable energy and independence from Russian gas has never been stronger.

As a port, it is our duty to fulfil our role as critical infrastructure and support the transition as sustainably and efficiently as possible. With over 55 offshore wind projects completed, we already have the experience. We also have a network of subcontractors at the port who can support, maintain and supply elements for the shipping, and we already have major manufacturers and project developers based at Esbjerg.

We will also need European ports to work even more closely together, and billions will need to be invested in infrastructure and increased port capacity. Therefore, the decisions taken now must be long-term decisions. Concrete decisions must be taken now for 2040 and 2050, because it takes time to expand a port and ensure that the whole value chain is ready.

One of our new initiatives is to build a pre-assembly site for storing and assembling wind turbine components, which project developers can rent. We are also developing our digital infrastructure to simulate future projects and ensure the ideal set-up. Lastly, we are doing everything we can to show the next generation the potential of the green transition, so we have the manpower and talent to make it happen. 

In this newsletter, you can also read how more and more of our customers at the port get connected to our green shore-to-ship power. The same is happening at the fishing harbour, where we are creating an even more sustainable and modern workplace for and in collaboration with the fishermen. In addition, we have collaborated with SAL on the development of a new Ro-Ro concept for cargo. 

All these initiatives and innovations are designed to make the port more sustainable and more efficient, so we can support our customers and the green transition in the best possible way.  

Hope you enjoy the read!

Dennis Jul Pedersen, CEO

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