Port Esbjerg News Brief - June 2022

Dear Reader

“Though only halfway through, the current year has already brought as many highlights as we’d normally experience in a whole year”. Those were the words of Port Esbjerg’s new chairman, Søren Gade, when more than a hundred attendees got together for the port’s Annual Meeting last Friday.

At the Annual Meeting, we talked about how busy times and opportunities are to be expected – along with challenges to be overcome. Click this link to read more.

The signing of the Esbjerg Declaration on 18 May was a historical event for both the port and the city. Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany have set joint targets of producing 65 GW of offshore wind by 2030 and increasing capacity to at least 150 GW by 2050. Things will be busy, and we have made meticulous preparations, including a 570,000 sqm expansion of the port. How Denmark and Europe will deliver on the great ambitions remains uncertain, but the broad-based agreement to add four GW by 2030 and ensure faster case processing, which the Danish parliament adopted shortly after the Annual Meeting, has brought additional answers.

Also in this newsletter, Kristoffer Böttzau, Director General of the Danish Energy Agency, reveals the next steps, while Anne H. Steffensen, CEO of Danish Shipping, reminds us that their calculations show that the expansion may create up to 188,000 new jobs.

Concurrently with the massive expansion of offshore wind power, NATO has shown Port Esbjerg the confidence to designate us as a maritime hub, and we are working hard to complete the 12.8 metres deepening by spring 2024. This will also give us a competitive edge.

Even though a lot of things are going our way, we – like everyone else – also face major challenges, including production stops, increasing freight rates, supply chain bottlenecks and rising inflation. This situation is unlikely to change in the near term. We need to be able to cope with this.

Esbjerg is known for its aptitude to navigate market shifts, and Port Esbjerg has four markets mapped out to which it will devote special attention going forward: offshore wind, RoRo, breakbulk and the fuels of the future.

Even though we are living in challenging times and there are dark clouds on the horizon, we at Esbjerg have a wealth of business opportunities – and quite unique opportunities for supporting both the green transition and Northern Europe’s security and defence. We are committed to leveraging these opportunities in close collaboration with our customers and business partners, the port’s owners and the authorities. There is no doubt that we will be very busy throughout the next year and that we will not only be navigating in fair wind.  

Hope you enjoy the read!

Dennis Jul Pedersen, CEO

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