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Port Esbjerg is critical infrastructure, and consequently we will continue operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have taken the strictest precautions, and therefore our port control and our crane department as well as other critical functions will remain in operation.

Port Esbjerg operates as normal, and COVID-19 contingency plans have been implemented.

COVID-19 Procedure - Vessels to Port Esbjerg

Port Esbjerg will maintain operations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mandatory Declaration of Health
All vessels entering Port Esbjerg must send the Port Esbjerg Declaration of Health to:

The Declaration of Health is mandatory:

- prior to arrival or prior to contact with operations ashore, and
- if any of the answers given in the Declaration changes during the stay.

The Port Esbjerg Declaration of Health can be found on the Port Esbjerg website. (Vessels may send their own form/declaration if the content is identical with that of the Port Esbjerg Declaration.)

​Port Esbjerg uses the information for internal procedures. However, answers (only the yes/no) to the health questions may be forwarded to specific operators (e.g. agents, stevedores, dock workers, pilots, operation staff, etc.).

Declaration of Health to Danish Health Authorities

In case of suspicion of contagious diseases, the regulation concerning detailed information to the Danish Health Authorities applies as usual.

The vessel is requested to inform both Port Esbjerg and the Danish Health Authorities.

Additional information

Vessels which can answer all questions with a “NO” and which comply with all maritime requirements applicable are encouraged to show the flag “Q” as a signal for operators in port.

Vessels are encouraged to forward own restrictions and precautions to relevant parties prior to arrival (port, pilot, stevedores, agents, etc.).

Closed Borders

Danish borders are partially opened – details are regulated with intervals - Please see the Danish authorities' web page for details.
As of ultimo January, ship’s crew are allowed to go ashore. However there are requirements for negative Covid-19 test.

Citizens from United Kingdom and South Africa are affected by stricter entry restrictions, and cannot go ashore in Esbjerg.

For details guidance please contact the local authorities.

Authorities – Information and Hotline

Danish Maritime Authority: Link

Joined Danish Authority web and hotline: Link

We thank you for your co-operation!

Last update 2021.01.25