Co2 accounting

Co2 emissions & waste recycling.


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Jane Behrens von Qualen

HSEQ Manager

Co2 emissions

As part of becoming a carbon neutral port, we have partnered with the technology company Honeywell.

The partnership includes assistance in the day-to-day management of CO2 emissions from the port and the development of methods for electrification, digitalisation and monitoring of consumption and emissions at the port. In collaboration with Honeywell, a system, the carbon management system, has been developed that can predict the CO2 emissions of each arriving ship at any time. The overview makes it possible to direct ships to a quay equipped with one of the port's onshore power plants.

Since its start-up, the system has had a significant impact on the port's CO2 emissions.

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Recycling of waste

New waste containers at the port ensure easy and sustainable waste sorting.


As part of its work on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Port Esbjerg has developed waste containers that ensure sustainable waste sorting, improve the working environment and reduce incineration and landfill.

The project focuses on ensuring maximum recycling of waste from ships in port, which has since had a positive impact on the amount of recycling.

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