Guidelines for booking of cranes

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Høgni Christiansen

Team Leader

Guidelines for booking of cranes

Port Esbjerg’s Operations Department organises the staffing, mobilisation and rental of the port’s cranes.

Port Esbjerg’s Maritime Department plans and executes the allocation of berths.

Cranes can be booked via email to Port Esbjerg’s Crane Department - - and cranes will be assigned in the order in which bookings are received.

A crane booking for a vessel is linked to a specific call and can only be made if the call has been registered with Port Esbjerg’s Maritime Department. A crane booking must be made no later than 48 hours before the vessel’s ETA. If the vessel name for a specific call is changed, the crane booking will follow the call.

If a crane is booked later than 48 hours before a vessel’s ETA, you must contact Port Esbjerg’s Crane Department directly, and the first come, first served rule will be suspended for the call. In this case, the call will be moved to the back of the queue and will be served as soon as there is spare capacity.

When booking a crane, you should book the crane that is best suited for the operation in question. Subsequently, Port Esbjerg’s Crane Department will assign the crane to the individual tasks. After this, the booking is considered approved.

Port Esbjerg’s Maritime Department approves the allocation of berths.

If a vessel fails to meet its crane booking time, the crane(s) will be assigned according to the principle of "first come, first served", which means that the vessel that arrives first has priority for the booked crane.

If a crane operation lasts longer than what is considered normal for the operation in question, Port Esbjerg shall be entitled to transfer the crane(s) in question to another job. If overtime is deselected to complete a crane operation within reasonable time, Port Esbjerg shall also be entitled to transfer the crane(s) to another job.

In case of double bookings, the order of priority for assigning cranes will be as follows:

1. Ship load heavy lifting
2. Ship load light lifting
3. Vessels with unloading equipment
4. Lifting that is not ship related

In case of doubt and in case of overbooking, Port Esbjerg shall have the highest authority and the right to decide sovereignly on the order of allocation of cranes and berths.

Crane hotline:

+45 7612 4125