May 08, 2023

Port Esbjerg improves user experience with new website and newsletter

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Karin rix hollander

Karin Rix Holländer

Executive Assistant MA

Users of Port Esbjerg’s website and recipients of its newsletter now get a new and improved experience. The layout has been freshened up and the website will feature more videos and easier access to a variety of information. At the same time, the newsletter will be sent out more frequently.

New features and colours, easier access to information and more videos. Those are some of the components of Port Esbjerg’s new user-optimised website, which has just been launched.

Port Esbjerg wanted to improve the features for stakeholders and customers, while at the same time revamping the look of the website.

“Many visitors to our website need information on the weather, ship calls and the like, and we want to make that available in a more up-to-date format. In addition, we’ll now significantly increase the use of videos and video cases, which the new website will be able to cope with much better,” says Jesper Bank, CCO of Port Esbjerg.

As an example, he mentions the account of the digital twin, which Port Esbjerg has had developed. The digital twin is a computer model of the harbour, which is able to make calculations that contribute to tripling Port Esbjerg’s wind capacity going forward. This video case is a good one to share with the rest of the world. 

“We’ve experienced great interest in our digital twin from all over the world. And pictures are much better than a whole lot of words to show what it is all about.”

Newsletter with new look and higher frequency

Not only the website has had a new layout. The look of Port Esbjerg’s newsletter has also been updated, and at the same time, the frequency is increased.

The newsletter will come out at least eight times a year, instead of the current five times. And even more frequently, if there is major news to share.

“We want to be more topical and be able to move faster with our news. Because things are moving fast at Port Esbjerg these days. We’ve therefore slimmed down the newsletter a bit, but instead it will come out more frequently,” says Bank.

News through many media

Port Esbjerg will share its news via the newsletter as well as its website. However, Port Esbjerg will also share its news via other media as well.

Business stories will be posted on LinkedIn, where Port Esbjerg has almost 12,000 followers. In general, interest is strong, and some posts are seen by as many as 50,000 people.

Port Esbjerg uses Facebook for its communications with a primarily local angle. Here, upwards of 10,000 followers are kept up to date.

In addition, Port Esbjerg regularly issues press releases – nationally as well as internationally.

“We haven’t prepared a new communications strategy, but we’ve freshened it up a bit, so our look is aligned with our reality,” says Bank.

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