June 12, 2024

The satisfaction is great, but we are not at the finish line yet

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Karin rix hollander

Karin Rix Holländer

Executive Assistant MA

Our annual meeting provided reason to be proud of how far we have come. Satisfaction is high, and we continue to do our best to deliver the best solutions for the green transition. At the same time, there is a need for us to plan further into the future to a much greater extent so that we can continue to develop for the benefit of the port's customers.


What a pleasure! At the Annual Meeting of Port Esbjerg held this May, we invited a debate on the port. As you will see from the minutes of the meeting provided in this News Brief, we invited an open debate under the agenda item ‘Ask us anything’, as we wanted to learn about the attendees’ expectations, requirements and experiences in collaborating with Port Esbjerg.

Fortunately, the attendees expressed a high level of satisfaction, and we will continue to do everything in our power to deliver good solutions to our customers.

Søren Gade, Chairman of Port Esbjerg, spoke of yet another landmark year, commenting that we might as well get used to having the eyes of the world resting on us because the port and the businesses at the port are frontrunners in the green transition. Jesper Frost Rasmussen, Mayor of the Municipality of Esbjerg, shared this view and spoke of his experience from other countries where many cities are in awe of Esbjerg’s efforts in the green transition.

We have launched the first charging station for electric trucks in western Jutland, and soon the world’s largest seawater heat pump will be commissioned and deliver district heating to the residents of Esbjerg.

We are seeing increased activity again in many of the port’s business areas. We have new RoRo terminals on the way, and warehouses and service buildings are being constructed like never before. Overall, there is a positive atmosphere in all business areas and a consensus that we need to scale up activity and space at the port to meet our objectives.

We are beginning to see that businesses have now the opportunity and confidence to plan further ahead and think more strategically. We are talking about activities extending as far as 2030–2035.

At the same time, we expect a great deal from the expanded railway terminal. The project has commenced, and we are working closely with customers on new activities.

There is a need to be able to see more than ten years ahead. This is a view shared by Lars Aagaard, Minister for Climate, Energy and Utilities, when he visited Port Esbjerg to see the latest progress in our activities. As chair of the North Sea Cooperation, the Minister and his colleagues will present their recommendations to the new European Commission on how to ensure a better framework for achieving the ambitious green targets for wind power in Europe. We are looking forward to that.

I look back on 2023 with great satisfaction. I feel hopeful for the future, and I am pleased with the developments that are currently ongoing for the port and our customers.

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