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Europe’s ambitious offshore wind targets calls for collaborations.


In January, Port Esbjerg and five other wind installation ports signed a declaration of collaboration to optimize port capacity. And Port Esbjerg encourages other players in the maritime sector to follow suit.

If the ports are to succeed in their ambitious offshore wind targets, the collaboration of six installation ports is not enough. Other players in the maritime sector can create similar forums, where coordination across both industry and geography can help push the boundaries of what is possible.

“The maritime sector needs to be more transparent, improve its communication and coordinate better to enable ports, vessels and manufacturers to optimise processes to accelerate the green transition. Only then will it be possible to meet the targets of the new European offshore wind strategy. We therefore hope that our collaboration will be the starting shot for more of the same” says Dennis Jul Pedersen, CEO, Port Esbjerg.

We will therefore work closely together to increase our capacity.

Learn more about how and why in the video below.