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Academia meets Port and new ideas starts growing.


44 MBA students from Harvard visit Port Esbjerg as part of new collaboration.

Harvard Business School is regarded as one of the world’s leading universities, and Professor Willy Shih, who lectures on the MBA programme, identified Port Esbjerg as one of the best cases on the green transition and took the initiative to arrange a visit. That is why 44 dedicated MBA students from Harvard visited the port in early January.

So, we arranged for them to visit European Energy, Vattenfall and Siemens Gamesa. They got onboard Sea Challenger, a jack-up vessel, and finished the day with roundtable discussions with C-level management from leading companies.

“We’ll go home wiser and hopefully inspire others with some of the things we learnt from our visit,” says the Harvard professor who came up with the idea for the trip.

Both parties hope to build a partnership in the future exchanging ideas and knowledge.

Learn more about the visit here.